Kym Lawrence – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kym Lawrence – Colorado Springs, Colorado stabbed me in the back! This women here befriended me. Had my kids at her house…her kids at my house…I cried on this tricks fat ass shoulder about my boyfriend seeing another woman. Only later to find out that SHE WAS THE OTHER WOMAN!!! This bitch is one of the BIGGEST whores I know. She was sleeping with 3 men at once. 1 of them being my boyfriend…and NONE of them being her HUSBAND. Yep! Her husband has been in a different state while this little cunt lied ON HER DEAD SONS GRAVE that she was being faithful!! (See what I mean by SCUM) NO MOTHER should EVER put shit on her kids…definitely shouldnt if shes lying…even moreso IF YOUR KID PASSED AWAY!! What a JOKE this bitch is. She a HABITUAL liar!! A HORRIBLE mother for her children. She used to talk so hard likke she was tough but when I came for that ass yall already know she called her bestfriends (The police) She’s terrified to be within 100 feet of me. But send her FIFTEEN year old daughter to my house to try and fight me. (I’m 27 years old) Who puts their 15 year old in danger like that?? the way…it’s the same FIFTEEN year old who is now PREGNANT!!!! Because her unfit mother allows her ADULT boyfriend to live in her home and smoke weed and screw her CHILD!! Please do yourself a favor and avoid ever interacting with this woman (unless your a man lookin for a some head or a quick piece of booty which in that case she is the manager at the SecureCare on South Nevada) She is poison to this earth!! To her children!!! To her soon to be Ex husband!!! I pray that every day of her life is filled with bad luck and any and every horrible thing that could possibly happen does! Karma is prepared for her. No worries Miss Piggy!!

July 7th, 2018 by
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