Lindsey Busch – The Colony, Texas

Lindsey Busch – The Colony, Texas stabbed me in the back! (I’m going to call you “Jose” for the sake of my kids); Thank you!; At the beginning I didn’t understand why all this was happening. I thought my life was perfect and he was my happily ever after! They all say everything happens for a reason and it’s true,you happened for a reason. I know the reason now,so I can be happy again! I hope one day you can look at your kids and tell them you destroyed some “random” kids life’s. They are gonna love you no matter what cause you’re gonna be their mother but there’s no doubt that one day they will judge you. You could’ve stayed away but you decided to destroy a marriage instead,a family. No matter what the situation was(man always gonna say what you want to hear) if you were a decent woman,you would’ve stayed away. I don’t know what your real intentions are cause I don’t believe you love him,there’s something behind all this but it’s none of my business anymore. I would’ve be mad if I knew The Jose I spend the last 20 years with,it’s with you but I’m not mad at all cause that Jose died 8 months ago. The Jose that you decided to “date” I wouldn’t date or marry nor have kids with him cause he is cruel,irresponsible,bad brother,bad son,bad dad and a very bad husband. My Jose,the one that died was all the contrary.All I can say is THANK YOU! If it wasn’t for you,I would still be living a lie.

July 5th, 2018 by
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