Lori A. Leal & Erick G. Carmona – San Antonio, Texas

Lori A. Leal & Erick G. Carmona – San Antonio, Texas stabbed me in the back! I am re-exposing Lori A. Leal from San Antonio TX. I am doing this because I exposed her 3 days after I found out the truth & my heart & mind were still bombarded with what I had discovered and what I said was just stupid & pathetic. It has been 8 months since my first post and am now in a better place.; LORI IS A HOMEWRECKER. SHE ALLOWS MARRIED MEN TO PURSUE HER, HELPING THEM KEEP THEIR AFFAIR HIDDEN, BUYING THEM PHONES AND CLOTHING THEN FALLING FOR THEM. MARRIED OR IN A RELATIONSHIP, ERICK IS NOT HER FIRST.; ERICK IS A LIAR AND A CHEATER. HE IS COMPLETELY CODEPENDENT, HE HAS NEVER BEEN SINGLE OR LIVED ON HIS OWN. HE IS 36.; My THEN husband Erick G. Carmona and Lori A. Leal were having an on & off affair for a year & a half out of the 4 years we were married. I am exposing both of them because it takes 2 to tango. Last time I defended my husband like a moron, but today I wont be defending anyone but myself because since the truth came out, I have been treated like the criminal when I was the only victim in this. So here goes the short version of the whole story.; I never suspected a thing until March of 2016, I guess the guilt started to show in his behavior. After many attempts of asking what was wrong, trying to spice things up, trying new things, and ultimately just flat out accusing him, it got me no where. I felt in my heart, there was someone else, and to this day I will never understand why. He had it all, a young 28 yr old beautiful wife, who took care of his child. Whom his family, especially his mother, adored, who would wake up at 4am to cook fresh tacos for lunch, make breakfast & dinner. Erick always came home to a clean house, and always had clean clothes to wear. And my sex drive was & still is through the roof. I know for a fact that wasnt the issue. Maybe I was boring to him because I didn’t drink or party. I worked all day and came home to take care of my family. We did go out occasionally & spend time with his family at family gatherings or small fiestas. I was devoted, and I admit, pathetically in love. If he said jump, I’d ask how high? I wasn’t allowed to have social media accounts, have friends, I even stopped talking with my own family. Yes, I was a complete idiot. Summer of 2015, he wasn’t the same. Worse. It turned into psychological abuse. Him being the one who convinced me to see a psychiatrist to get help from being sexually abused for 4 years when I was achild, he started to constantly bring it up, throwing it in my face just to hurt me. Then the insults. My body disgusted him. I lost weight, my body was still disgusting. His words exactly. He was comparing me to her, thus the insults. (He cheated with a bigger & older woman. ) Multiple times I tried to walk away for good, or kick him out. And without hesitating, he’d leave. But he always came back and being the dumbass that I was, I let him stay. He had a way with words, and I fell for it each time. I started seeing a lot of signs, aside from the verbal abuse, his penis would be sore and irritated that he’d apply neosporin on it, this being on the weeks of my period where we don’t have sex. I myself started getting yeast infections multiple times a month. Yes, disgusting! And yes of course I went & got checked. Im clean. But he always had an excuse for everything. He was a very good liar. And I very stupid. July 4th 2016, we sat in my car watching the fireworks. There was tension due to an argument we had earlier that day. Silence. Then he says to me, “I can’t be with u anymore, you just don’t matter to me”. I didn’t respond to that, but I did tell him, “I don’t know what you’re doing or been doing, but it needs to stop, because whatever it is, THAT is what’s breaking us. He kept his head down and didn’t say a word. At this point I just felt stuck and unable to do anything to unstick myself from him. Things actually improved between us, but I still had a gut feeling. July 21st 2016, I followed him. I confronted him at Lori’s apartment complex. For a whole year he made me believe that it was MY fault that our marriage was going to shit, but it was ALL him. We tried working it out in the first 2 weeks after I had followed him, (stupid i know) but he went back to her after we had an argument over car insurance. My fear was that he do it again & he promised he wouldn’t. In those 2 weeks, he was treating me as if I had the affair. I dreaded going straight home after work. The tension was unbearable. But after he went to her, I finally decided to move on. This time i HAD to go thru with it. I left my apartment because if I had stayed there, he would have went back and the cycle would continue. Today I look back and can’t believe how much bullshit I took from him being in that marriage. How the hell did I fall for someone like him? I used to think that I was defeated because in the end I lost everything, including my self worth. Lori and Erick are living together today. I’ve kept in contact with Erick, you know, cuz I’m an idiot. Not trying to fix things, but for closure I guess. He has opened up to me about a lot, & confided in me as a friend. He told me he secretly texts with another woman he met at walmart. He even showed me a picture of her. According to him, they haven’t done anything but talk. But who knows because according to him he wasn’t cheating on me either! After learning this, I realized that’s just who he is. A liar, a cheater… an abuser of hearts. Erick has never been on his own. He is codependent, & NEEDS a woman to care for him. He has never been single, and the way he jumped from me to Lori, is the same way he’s jumped from his EXs. He’s doing to Lori what he did to me. Karma? Maybe. She deserves it for being a home wrecker. And of course he has just as much fault in this as her. They were in it together. I have regained my self worth & dignity by erasing Erick out of my life for good, and explaining my side of the story, which is the true version. None of what ive said is a lie. Erick has soiled my name by spreading rumors that I was the cheater, and I was on drugs. Yea I met someone, perhaps it was too soon but I didn’t choose, it happened. It was me letting go and moving on. Although, he made it difficult for me to move on. I went back 3 times. Alnost a 4thing, but i threw my phone and begged the individual i had met not to let me leave. I was PATHETIC. I never went back after that night Sometimes it takes someone to get over someone. That’s just the way it is. My now boyfriend went thru the entire thing with me. Thanks to him, I am no longer broken and lost, and today, I know I’m not the one who lost, they are. While they’re stuck in a relationship built on lies and deceit, (which he’s still doing) …. I’M FREE & this is my closure.; FIN.

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