Malikah Fletcher – Brooklyn, New York

Malikah Fletcher – Brooklyn, New York stabbed me in the back! This poor excuse for a human being, who is also a correction officer in Brooklyn NY, started an affair with my husband of 9 years, knew we had 3 kids and did not stop until she became pregnant. Yesterday she calls him to find out why had he been avoiding her because she want to take legal action. When my husband informed her that I was aware of the affair and she could not contact him in such sneaky manner anymore.; Then tried to say this morning that she never knew about me, when she was his friend on social media ( to which I’m heavily present). As well as the fact that everyone at his work place knows he was married they also attended or wedding. Also says that my husband pursued her when I clearly remember seeing her number calling him while we slept and her begging him to come to doctors appointments.; This woman come to find out was also dating another man while she was allegedly pregnant by my husband. She is the true meaning of a dog and has no regard bringing children into this world knowing that she is only using them for entrapment. She is currently posting on Facebook about a new man who is ignoring her. Pathetic. Please give her a call and let her know about herself 347.399.054….

June 22nd, 2018 by
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