Marcela Soto Estrada – Las vegas, Nevada

Marcela Soto Estrada – Las vegas, Nevada stabbed me in the back! MARRIED ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MARCELA SOTO ESTRADA; She found my husband at an auto shop and his coworker before him. She stalks and shows up and becomes the best of a friend anyone can ask for. She becomes a slave bitch. Goes out of the way not caring one shit about her kids or her husbands money she is spending on food and gas and gifts and money to give the white man whose married. “ just trying to be a friend” she knows what she’s doing and how the friendship is just a way in to make her move and cause fights and lies and distance for the married couple and when she thinks she can get in, she makes her move . Tries to trick him into going to a hotel to meet up with her friends and family and attempts to have sex “while waiting for her friends to arrive” she doesn’t stop there, she will keep trying and once she gets a half limp dick she will threaten and plot and plan to ruin your marriage. You get trapped and want out! There’s no way out till you catch her on video and you have balls enough to tell your wife and expose her cheating to her husband. Then she will keep stalking you . Be careful… you have to really scare her to make her stop. And she will run if your wife wants to talk to her, she can’t step up to what she did.; She goes to Lilliana’s sports in north Las Vegas and a church on Sunday like she is a good person. She is selfish and pathetic. Will sneak and hide whatever to try to take a woman’s husband and children’s father. She even let her little girl who was about 13 know what she was doing . What a great role model.; She is obsessive over the wife and will stare at pictures of her and watch videos of the married couple and fantasize about being the wife. She will color her hair like hers and wear contacts to try to resemble her. She literally would ask to pretend she was her . Which had to be done during Sex cuz the bitch was so damn ugly and disgusting . She also can’t speak English well so she’s sounds like a total idiot and is one to think she can take someone’s husband just cuz he was weak and became his best friend. That’s all she was ever , a friend! This bitch will not give up. And won’t feds up and face what she did. Miserable, low self esteem , worthless insecure wannabe home wrecking bitch!

June 20th, 2018 by
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