Marcia Betty williamson (aka Marcia Anglani – Thornfield, Missouri

Marcia Betty williamson (aka Marcia Anglani – Thornfield, Missouri stabbed me in the back! This nasty old woman is an employee for the state of Arkansas and works for DHS-DSO. She is a supervisor at the present time. For the past 3 years she has been having an affair with my husband in Virginia. She has been sexting him pics that she should be ashamed of. This homewrecker is a sheep in wolfs clothing or should a say a heifer since she loves cattle. She is a con artist who has taken money from my husband for personal gains. This woman had the audacity to come into my home have relationships with my husband while I was at work. She is the true definition of a low class bitch who thinks its ok to prey on married men. What kind of person does this and then continues on with her life. It really sucks that she feels its ok to do what she has done. It really sucks that I’m left with this mess and she continues in her daily life without any repercussions. I can only hope that people she knows sees this and can see her what she truly is. Karmas a Bitch just like you Betty Williamson.; She lives in Thornfield Missouri and works in Mountain Home Arkansas.

May 14th, 2018 by
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