Martina Marti Brigham James – Burbank, California

Martina Marti Brigham James – Burbank, California stabbed me in the back! Martina Marti Brigham James helped destroy a 7 year relationship. She knew he had s family a wife and child and still got with him. Caught them both in a hotel the first day he asked her out when she heard me knocking she hid in the bathroom calling the police didn’t even come out to help him while I was beating his ass m. He had to beg her to come out the bathroom she was so scared the police had to beg her to get out. She encourages him not to be in his child’s life. She even admitted to being terrified of me. I told her that my baby daddy and me still had sex with proof and her gollum ass blocked me and still stays with him she’s nothing but a hoe from Ross no wonder her mom send her away from Arizona fat hoe. She leaves tampons in his car she’s disgusting Slut with no morals who took a plan b pill that same week with him. here’s her social medias let her know what a Slut she is and a ugly home wrecker desperate ass couldn’t get herself a single man. Ugly ass animal name she got;;

May 23rd, 2018 by
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