Mary Ford of Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Mary Ford of Oklahoma City Oklahoma for being a cheater! This 71-year-old wh*@# was on the prowl for my husband. He was at an out-of-town wedding to talk about Bill his deceased friend and hopefully re-live the connection through his family. She was the person that called him when Bill suddenly died; he did not know her. She is a mate poacher and seriously TRIED to create chaos and trauma in our lives; she wanted him for a boy toy and companion. She was the aggressor Ð the only one starting/suggesting anything AND she knew he was married; she didnÕt care. She believes there is nothing wrong with stealing another womanÕs husband. No morals no empathy just her selfish desires. She has broken up at least one other marriage (then left because he was too posses-sive) Ironically she was the one that tried to possess my husband. She is quite skillful which means she has done something similar MANY times to have this kind of ability. She is the most evil person I have personally dealt with in my life. The ÒScumbagÓ (as we refer to her) detected my husbandÕs high emotional sensitivity and started baiting him with sex. The first thing out of her mouth ÒLetÕs talk about BillÓÉ.which was exactly why he had come! But compliments smiles flirting touching complete attention on him (he NOW sees it as quite a performance) was started immediately to try to get him involved sexually with her.; She then twisted the focus to herself using Bill to get his attention on her and sex. ÒBill said I should have an affair with you. You are unhappy.Ó When that didnÕt workÉ.ÓLetÕs go to your room and have sex. I like sex and IÕm good at it.Ó When that didnÕt workÉ.She got angry and shoved his hand inside her bra to feel her breast in public Ð outside in front of a 4-star hotel. Streetwalker? It was all an attempt to get him to have sex that night. None of it worked. Once back home however she started a different more controlled strategic full frontal sexual assault: She would text him up to 20+ a day; many of these were on business time. She called him if necessary to get a response. She took him to her house on a regular basis. She started all the physical / sexual activitiesÉ.to seduce him. She wore lingerie at the door one night when he came to her house; then she ushered him to bed. She offered to buy him an untraceable phone. She bought him condoms; when he said he ÒwouldnÕt do thatÓ she said ÒyouÕll get used to it.Ó After 3 weeks she told him she loved him and several times thereafter (more manipula-tion). She encouraged him to have a double life with her like Bill and Sue who had extramarital affairs (I learned after BillÕs death). She tried to give him oral sex and pressured him in several ways to have intercourse; he wouldnÕt do either Ñ the two things in which he maintained control. She was always trying through physical means to get him to have intercourse. She said she liked Òmore and more intensity.Ó Her focus: pressuring him for intimate sexual behavior. He got his head turned around and told me everything. She continued to do her best to influence communications with me and keep him coming to her house. When he told her on the phone he needed time to think about things she said he needed to come to her house to talk to her in person. When he said he was going to tell me she said: ÒJust deny deny everything.Ó And ÒYou are making a big mistake!Ó Then the real truth: ÒMen are so stupid!Ó She was angry; he wasnÕt doing what she wanted. Manipulation control sexual pressure was her game. After he told me she asked him: ÒWhy wonÕt you protect me? I protected you.Ó She was calling/ texting/FaceTime about 8 times AFTER he told her it was over three different ways desperately trying to get a response from him and keep him under her influence; she was also drinking. ThatÕs when he gave the phone to me and said ÒMaybe you can do something about her.Ó She was not anyone he cared about nor wanted to even know. He never wanted to see her again. For him it was simply an escape from pain. Two experts said she exploited him; she knew he was emotionally vulnerable at the time and she used it. She drinks a lot; and she is sexually compulsive and aggressive. She is controlling manipulative and narcissistic. My husband is responsible to God himself and me for his actions. He is taking that responsibility seriously. He is living with multiple consequences and will for months to come. He said that to look at it fully for the evil that she tried to inflict on him and us and how he passively let her manipulate him has been the hardest thing he has ever done. He knows he was duped and he did stop on his own just not immediately and forcefully. He now understands what she was doing: ÒI looked evil in the eye and walked away from ItÓ he said. She worked at maintaining secrecy and operating in the dark. I am posting this for others who may come across her. She truly deserves to be brought into the light where she can be seen by others as she really is.

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