Mary Tolliver Hromadka of West Texas

Mary Tolliver Hromadka of West Texas for being a cheater! Mary E. Tolliver Hromadka is the skank who tried to wreck my home but failed. She was born on 10/31 and seems ashamed of her birthday so I am posting it for all to seeÉ. At the time she was married with three very young neglected children. She was working for my husband and I guess was jealous of what I had. My husband and I had been together for 32 years (junior high sweethearts) and married for 24 years with three kids. Like most marriages we were in a rut at the time. The cheap slut worked for my husband and began feeding him ego kibbles and giving him affection while trying to get sympathy for her failing marriage. Of course she was not using her energy to try to fix her own marriageÉ.. I guess she knew her husband didnÕt think she was specialÉ. My husband was dumb enough to believe all her lies and loved how perfect he looked in her eyes. She knew how to lay it on thickÉ.. So they ended up having an affair. And she didnÕt mind ÒsharingÓ him is what she claimed. What a whore! I knew my husband and I were drifting further apart and I really didnÕt like who he had become. I told him if he didnÕt start working on our marriage and change then I would leave. He begged me to stay and started dating me again. We were growing closer and he began coming out of the affair fog wondering what in the world he had done. He was wondering how to end it because he was worried about me finding out and ending our marriage. I did find out and told him it was me or her and he had to fire her. I would not share! He said he chose me and would fight for me. I told him it wouldnÕt be easy and he would have to change. I wanted extraordinary and I would not settle for less. He has to court me again and win my heart. He said he would do anything because he wanted me. He went into the pit with her and when he woke up he couldnÕt believe what he had done and he wanted out.; He saw the grass was brown on the other side and says the only thing she had going for her was how she could say just the right things to boost his ego. He told her things she wanted to hear just to keep it going. He says it bothers him and angers him how blinded he was because she is not even pretty. You know they say that men affair down and he certainly did in this instance. I believe he has truly changed and has never been more loving or doting. Even with all he has to deal with because of what he did he is still here. Others around us even comment about how different he is. He has admitted his responsibility for all the wrong he has done is so remorseful and canÕt believe he fell for that rat-faced slut (yes she is known as Rat Face in our home). We are working on our marriage and it is growing stronger than ever in spite of the true witch who was such an idiot to believe she could break us up and have all we have worked for TOGETHER! We are having fun building a new marriage and doing things together we have never done before. IÕm even working with him now. When he fired her she begged to keep her job. How stupid was she? She lost her job and her husband left her! I guess her husband realized she wasnÕt worth the fight and didnÕt even want her! I donÕt even think he knew about the affair. Now she is all alone like she wanted me to be! Sweet justice!!!!! She reaped what she sowed!!! She overestimated her powers. And how pathetic is she to want a man who would cheat and lie to be with her because of her own lies? I certainly would not want him if I thought he hadnÕt changed and he will have to work very hard and is doing so. He still has a very long way to earn my trust and perhaps he never willÉ Above all I know that she never got to really know my man. He acted so differently. She had the worst parts of him and sheÕs so pathetic that she liked who he had become! If he remained like that she could have had him! She thought she would be the exception but she was no better than any other cheap slut. She made so many false claims on her online resume. She claimed to have made the company more profitable! Lol! She was nothing more than a secretary!!! We didnÕt even have to replace her!!! Beware West and Waco women! If your husband owns his own business she will try to work her way up the ladder by sleeping with him. She even tried acting nice to meÉ. I believe she saw our marriage as a challenge to break up to try to prove her own self worthÉ.. No marriage is affair proof. Sluts like her are a dime a dozen and have zero morals and they set out to pursue married men. They live in a fantasy world thinking they are something special. They lie lie lie and donÕt even care about what this does to their own children. They are cold-hearted and pathetic! One day her children will find out just how selfish their mother is! I feel so sorry for them. They deserve a real mother. She messed with the wrong family! This mama bear loves her cubs and if you upset them you will get my wrath! I donÕt put my selfish needs above my kids and knowingly cause them harm like she did her own. She should have worked on her marriage instead of trying to destroy mine! Women like her donÕt deserve to be called mother. They deserve to be all alone. Now she has crawled back into her pit where she belongs!!!

November 21st, 2017 by
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