Megan Dechant & Mark Livengood – Louisburg & Lawrence, Kansas

Megan Dechant & Mark Livengood – Louisburg & Lawrence, Kansas stabbed me in the back! It really saddens me that my “rents” will never again be together. These 2 were the very definition of true love. I can’t imagine any 2 people being more in love. They both treated each other like each were royalty and were always so very loving to one another. Even though at times I would joke that it made me gag, it warmed my heart seeing them so happy, especially my mom. Aside from how things ended, I hope to someday find a love as passionate and loving as what they once shared. I suppose it’s true, you can’t build a relationship off of lies and deceit. I have learned many things about my mom that I never would have dreamed of, but at the end of the day, she is and always will be, my mom and best friend. Now they are both acting like inmature teenagers and constantly trying to one up the other.

July 8th, 2018 by
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