Melissa Cordero of San Jacinto California

Melissa Cordero of San Jacinto California for being a cheater! So I should be upset but thank you. This girl not woman that has a young daughter has been involved with my husband for two years off and on. Started when I was pregnant with my second son apparently she came into his job and it started to my knowledge they havenÕt had sex but who can trust a lying whore and lying husband. My husband Ó blockedÓ her from all this stuff donÕt believe it. Any how I found disgusting pictures she sent him. I am going to divorce him we have to go through counseling before any attorney approves or wants to move forward with the divorce because they care more about our children then he does or this slut. Only because she says so. I have no idea how a woman can do this to another woman. She knew he was married and I contacted her. My mistake never reason with a whore never ever. I wish someone would take her daughter and raise her so she doesnÕt follow in her momÕs footsteps. ItÕs a low quality to have no regard for someone elseÕs family with my husband and her as well. They are pathetic. The only people I feel bad for is my son who loves his dad and will be fully aware of a split from his home family and life. IÕm so furious at these people. How disgusting.

April 5th, 2018 by
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