Melissa linn frazier – Bergholz, Ohio

Melissa linn frazier – Bergholz, Ohio stabbed me in the back! THIS WHITE TRASH IS A DISGUSTING HOMEWREKN WHORE!!!!! She KNEW my man amd i have been together for 10 yrs…have 2 kids!!!! AND STILL TRIED TO GET HIM.this trash had the nerve to come into my HOME!!!!!! She has hepatitis c. ..warts….gonorrhea…..all them stds!!!! Shes a junkie…has actual cigerette vzrns on her from “nodding off” after shooting heroin! !! Her HUSBAND says shes slept with over 7 married men….shes DISGUSTING! !! Shes TRASH!!! Shes NASTY! I hope you burn in hell for what you’ve done to all the women and their kids out there……worthless white trash!!!!!!!

April 9th, 2018 by
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