Melissa shea darrin – South hadley, Massachusetts

Melissa shea darrin – South hadley, Massachusetts stabbed me in the back! This thing, weaseled her way into my man’s bed, I told her to stay away, he introduced my kids to her the day after I found out, she offered herself to him I caught it on text when I went on the porch to talk to my husband. He tells me he isn’t comfortable laying in bed with me, his wife, because of her, he left me and our kids and is pretty much living with her and her kids. Traded one family for another. For something that hasn’t been going on long, she has the nerve to text, I MISS YOU..really bitch, instead of sitting here and hanging out with his kids on his visit to the house he left me with all the bills in, he’s on the porch talking to her,. The anger I feel is beyond nuts. She texts me, I block her she makes a fake fb act just to harass me and tell me the only thing she has is my husband on top of her. I can’t stand her, I went to her as a women,a wife,a mother and asked her to stay away, give us time to work our marriage out and instead she gave him sex. And rubs it in my face, this home wrecker, this thing, needs to have others see what she is and have done

April 9th, 2018 by
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