Melissa Suehady Tirado – Vineland, New Jersey

Melissa Suehady Tirado – Vineland, New Jersey stabbed me in the back! This tramp befriended my husband when they both served in the Army in 2005. Unprovoked, she told him she “walked in on” me having sex with HER husband.; It wasn’t enough to screw MY spouse, she had to flat-out accuse ME of doing the SAME to HERS?!; I have to assume she’s mentally unstable to just cause drama with such a nasty, ridiculous unfounded lie. Yet, this Christmas I learned she was still contacting my husband, still talking sh*t about me.; This completely crazy person got a medical discharge from the military (no suprise there) and still cannot leave well enough alone.
So, if you have had your turn at her (and who hasn’t) get tested and hide because she is pathologically insane.

April 6th, 2018 by
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