Michelle Elizabeth Laubert of Port Huron Michigan

Michelle Elizabeth Laubert of Port Huron Michigan StabbedMeInTheBack.com for being a cheater! This is ÒHOME WRECKER Ò Michelle Elizabeth Laubert from Port Huron Michigan. She likes to post pictures of herself online. I am not going to repeat the caption she had along with this. I have read many stories about these home wreckers on this site A lot of hurt and hateful feelings. I cannot stand the word ÒhateÓ I believe it is a wasted emotion. I feel everyone should love one another. Well that was before this girl injected herself into my marriage. It was about a year ago when a man called my office and started telling me about his gold digger wife Michelle who was an assembler at the factory that my husband was production manager. I have been at the facility many times and never seen this gal. He proceeded to tell me that she jumps from job to job approaching older management men with sexual innuendo with aspirations of promoting herself or simply getting money. When I asked him why he was still married to this person he told me that he was currently trying to take custody of his daughter with her and it was taking time. She also had another child with another man who had already taken custody. What did this have to do with me? He told me that my husband was her latest conquest and had been since she started working there 6 months earlier. WHAT???? Absolutely not. My husband and I had a wonderful marriage. We were always together. Not to mention she was 25 years younger than us. She is younger than my step daughter!! I was furious with this caller. He obviously had a beef with my husband and was LYING!! He had to be. I actually threatened him. Then I told him to send me proof. He did. My entire world came crashing down. I cannot explain the devastation that had taken over my entire being. I left work without explaining why and drove to my husbandÕs plant. I look back now and wish I would have made a plan. However all I did was ask for him when he came out to the lobby I told him to tell me about Michelle. He turned white. We went out to my car.; All I could do was cry. I have cried more in the last year than I have my whole life. He cried too. He told me had ended it. He could no longer lie to me. I told him to bring her out to me. At first he said no but I said I was not going to leave until he did. She came out and did not look at me. I asked her if the affair was over and she said yes. I said if I ever had to come to the plant again I would be asking for her and to stay away from my husband. She said she was sorry and walked away. Wish I could have said it was done. No it only got worse. Once I started digging for information I found a lot. My biggest disappointment was that my husband was told she was a gold digger. She approached him right away and told him she would give him a two hour blow job. He told her that he was happily married. She said she would take him to a bar and they would pick up a woman to have a three some to blow his mind would his wife ever do that?? Of course not I am not a whore. Yea he fell in. They kept it going for awhile. Their relationship was sexting and blow jobs in our car. I wanted to keep my husband but his ego was getting in the way. She told him to get rid of me. Then the nastiness started. She started texting me sending emails and posting my private life on line. Telling me about fucking him in our truck. She even threatened to Ò Break my old ass hip Ò if I ever came up to the plant again. I was getting calls at my office. It wasnÕt enough that she destroyed my marriage. She wanted to make sure I was suffering. I cannot comprehend why someone would do that. Even though we blocked her numbers she would always find a way around it. I know that my husband briefly considered ending our marriage for her. I deal with it every day. Then he said he finally started to get to know her found out she was on probation and had a criminal record. When he told her that he did not want her she started stalking both of us. I do not have an adjective for this girl. She posts pictures of herself online with statements directed to me. Her last text to me said that she devoted a year of her life to him ( Screwing in the back seat of a truck? )And could not believe he ended it for some old woman who could not give a blow job as good as her. She actually posted that on social media. She told me I am an old woman who makes him old. She would keep him young. Now thatÕs a class act. Naturally I have omitted a lot for this post. She called me an old fat cash cow. So what did I do? Pray. She deserves nothing but prayer. God destroys those who seek to destroy others. I find comfort in the fact that she will have a miserable life. I do not know if my husband and I will be able to get past this. I do know that life is too short to be unhappy. God bless everyone who has to deal with this kind of hatred and pain.

April 11th, 2018 by
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