Michelle Kini of Los Angeles California

Michelle Kini of Los Angeles California StabbedMeInTheBack.com for being a cheater! Michelle Kini lives in So. California and this dirty skank always goes after vulnerable men who have families. Her brother told us that sheÕs always gone after men who are married married trying to take what she wants and make it her own. She seems to find the guys who are having problems with their girl and spend money on them taking them places and buying them things. She figures out what he likes and wants and then uses that as her way in. She buys them new toys trucks and dresses them how she likes. Once she gets him she traps him by threatening to tell his wife about their affair to get what she wants from him. When My husband of 7 years lost his job we started having problems. He moved out he stayed at his friends house where they met. His friend worked with her. She took advantage of his vulnerable state and played the I understand you better act and him After a couple weeks he showed up all new clothes new haircut and I instantly new something was up. We talked things over and he came home but things were not right he said he got a new job working nights but seemed to never come home on the weekends at all. I started snooping and found a phone he was hiding from me and it was full of messages and pics and calls just to her. Then he came home with a new motorcycle said he got a good deal on it. When I looked into that I found out it was really hers. I ended up going to the address I found for her where she lived with her brother. I started balling my eyes out explained my situation and he said my husband was there almost every weekend and if he wasnÕt there she was gone. And told me all about her. I guess he felt sorry for me. My husband denied everything till I told him to move out IÕm done. Then he confess to everything he didnÕt have a job she bought everything and said he wanted to work it out. I found out I was pregnant. And He told her he didnÕt want to see her anymore. Skank took everything back and started stalking us both. Calling saying sheÕs pregnant he needs to be there for her blah blah. Then saying she lost the baby then said she had a abortion. We still donÕt know if she is or was pregnant. We gotta restraining order and last I heard she moved out of state.

September 11th, 2017 by
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