Milo Mariani of Long Beach California

Milo Mariani of Long Beach California for being a cheater! Milo Mariani lived in my building. He was the president of the co-op board and one of my neighbors. He was in a relationship with a nice young woman and I was in a relationship with my boyfriend (IÕm gay). He found out I was looking for a job and offered to help me get a job with his company (Harvard Risk Management Company). I looked into it. He invited me over to Òtalk about his companyÓ. I thought it was odd but he seemed a little odd too so I figured he was harmless. I went to his place. He told me about his company and I listened. As I was leaving he moved in like he was going to kiss me. I said Òwhoa there. Slow downÓ and left. After I went home and looked into his business I realized it was a scam. (Hint: any job where you have to pay for your own training is a scam. Go to online and search Harvard Risk Management Company). Anyway a few days later I see a girl leaving his apartment and he catches my eye and smirks. This girl was NOT his girlfriend. His GF went to school at Cal State Long Beach and was a brunette. This girl was a redhead. I thought Òwhat a player!Ó. Fast forward 2 months.; I have a job now and my boyfriend is out of work home all day looking for a job or out interviewing. I should have expected this but sure enough I come home early one day to celebrate that my training was complete and I was an actual employee. I open the door to see Milo on his knees giving head to my man. They both jump up screaming my man pulling up his shorts and Milo Mariani wiping his beard (he had grown a large black beard at this point) and stammering (ÒuhÉuhÉÓ) before running for the kitchen door. I was in shock. After the fight screaming etcÉ my man admitted that Milo Mariani had been coming to see him almost daily. Milo Mariani worked from home most of the time as a Recruiting Manager for Harvard Risk Management Corporation and would watch the building cameraÕs to see when my BF came home and ambush him in the courtyard. Milo Mariani was very sexually aggressive with me so I believed him. He acts like a different person around women. He keeps his bi-sexual side well hidden but a bear is a bear here in Long Beach CA. We moved soon after and my BF and I are together to this day (happily). Bottom line: GUYS KEEP YOUR MEN AWAY FROM MILO MARIANI or heÕll put their dick in his mouth.

April 17th, 2018 by
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