Morgan Sarah Hunnicut, Gainesville, Georgia

Nasty f*****g w***e. This b***h better hope I dont see her a*s on the street. Not only did she go out of her way to pick my husband’s desperate a*s up from dollar general, (how classy right?),she drove him across town to f**k him behind a garage. No dinner, no cash, just her feeble attempt to take whats mine. Nice try b***h! And, I dont know how you hacked into this and got your picture take down, but here it is again. And i will continue to spread your ugly f*****g face across the internet like you spread your crooked a*s legs for all the weak a*s husbands of Hall county. Btw, crazy eyes, if your reading this, your so f*****g lucky I passed my std test. You better be thanking G*d himself for that one. Because if it was anything other than a clean bill of health, your s**t would be f****d up more than it already is b***h.

April 10th, 2018 by
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