Nick V. Bellotti of Bloomfield NJ

Nick is an abuser! He will come on very strong and seem like he wants a commitment right away! He will be very affectionate and does a lot of PDA. He will hold you on a pedestal and proclaim you are the best thing that has ever happened to him! He is clingy and needy. He has severe mental illness. Borderline Personally Disorder and many other Co morbid illnesses as well. He will start to verbally abuse you after a few months and he will be cheating the whole time because he can’t be alone. Whether it is emotional or physical. He is cheating! He can has become violent, and has in the past with me.
He keeps his phone on silent so you can’t see his deceitful ways! He was a Roman Catholic Priest (what a disgrace!) and was doing this all throughout his time as a priest! I have proof of it all and will be happy to go public so Rome and his other parishes find out as well as society as a whole. I was a victim of this sociopath! and If I feel threatened or if something should happen that I feel is at his hands of him or his family then I will be forced to do what I must to protect myself! Nothing I am saying isn’t TRUE!!!!!! i live in the Truth! I don’t abuse it! I have his phone records for over a year! and photos of him on a vacation with me while he lied to the Catholic Church and told them he was on a retreat! He abused his position and used his religion to make himself seem like a genuine person! When He is a piece of shit! He probably had the church pay for that trip we took to CA . He is a disgusting monster!

I am posting this so other women do not become victims as I was. He has a gambling problem, binge eating disorders and bouts of anorexia as well. He rages, and has childish outbursts! He is a sex addict and will have sex with strangers! He goes down on women with their period at his request! I know so much of about this guy. I can’t believe I actually fell for his act! He is always in credit card debt, and lives in his parents apartments with no bedroom of his own. He is a loser and failure at life! He changed 4 jobs in the 18 months I knew him. He calls out sick a lot to date multiple women. He had a great opportunity at MetLife but blew it because he was too busy living a double life have two girlfriends that summer he worked there.

He has no life goals. except to travel and go to Disney world as often as he can. He is conceited and has narcissistic qualities and will use you to pay for him. His weight will balloon up 40 pounds in 5 months and then he will starve himself back down. His depression gets so bad he won’t shower 3 to 4 days at a time! He is very twisted. He is 35 and has his mom fight his battles for him. He should be ashamed of what he truly is. He is a liar and has a very bad core, He can only view things in black and white. He is CRAZY! stay away

March 7th, 2016 by
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