Nicolas Mouawad Md Nick Small d**k Bay City Michigan

Dr. Mouawad, Nick, Nicolas Mouawad that lives in Bay City Michigan who is a vascular surgeon is the biggest creeper. Not to mention cheater. This dude sleeps around with so many women it’s ridiculous and disgusting. He leads women on by telling them he wants to settle down and that he’s lonely. It’s all BS. Once he sleeps with you it’s over, he’s onto the next. Ladies run the other way fast. He plays the Surgeon card very well. Nick pretends like he’s this big baller/jet setter but turns out he is a typical basic Arab boater. Dr. Nick Mouawad a basic b**** with a dirty d***. This guy hangs out at dirty EDM festivals with 20-year-olds. Dude you’re about to be 40. Lol.

April 10th, 2018 by
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