Paul Julian Smithies, Bristol, UK

Paul Smithies – a poor excuse for a bloke, if you could even call him that!
This nasty POS decided to end our relationship two days after going to a fertility clinic whereby I’d collected first round of my hormone drugs. He even had the cheek to ask to stay the night he’d ended it with me as he wanted to leave the following morning. Needless to say a huge row ensued, followed by him calling the Police & having me arrested for slapping him across the face – I didn’t but there you go! I had to spend the night in a Police cell & was finally back at home the following afternoon. This was because the Police couldn’t get hold of the b*****d until early afternoon so as to interview him.
When I first met this BSer, he kept getting rashes on his d**k. I naively believed him when he told me it was a fungal infection. It wasn’t until I contracted herpes that yep, he’d lied to me about him having herpes. What an ARSEHOLE!!!!
Once he’d left me, It didn’t take me long to work out he’d been seeing someone else. All the late nights ‘working’ – yeah, right!
Oh and be warned of his poisonous dwarf of a mother – she really is a nasty, bitter old b***h. Still, I guess anyone would be after their POS husband ran off with 14 y/o babysitter (he was then 37 y/o) – PAEDO!!!
He really is a catch, hey?!! So ladies, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!!

April 28th, 2018 by
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