Peter Trainor of Manhattan New York

Peter Trainor of Manhattan New York for being a cheater! Peter Trainor doesnÕt know when to shut up and back off. HeÕs currently 53 and still fools around with women as young as 25 and as old as 60 wherever he goes and whenever he can. HeÕll start off by charming you with his English accent then heÕll mention his designer brand then heÕll state where he lives in Manhattan (a prime area that he still currently resides in with his ex-girlfriend heÕs been leading on and wonÕt let her date anyone else). HeÕll talk to them ask for their number and on a daily drunken night heÕll start texting and calling them to Òcuddle upÓ and ask for them to send naked photos for him to jerk off to late at night and early in the morning. Once he gets that and is able to physically see them heÕll be aggressive with the woman and will almost hurt her physically while trying to take her pants off. ItÕs scary as he is bi-polar and has mental illness. He claims heÕs not a drunk and not a womanizer but denial is the first sign of guilt and illness. Although him and his ex-girlfriend are not together heÕll still try to walk in the apartment every night to almost rape her right after heÕs been out with another woman.; Recently he was seen in Paris with a 25 year old the same age as his niece and were fooling around in the bathroom and had the nerve to go back in the hotel room where ex-girlfriend is staying to say he loves her and will always come home to her. He then choked her that night and the following day said he loved her. Even when they were together he would cheat on her in person and virtually even on her birthday and on Christmas day while his girlfriend would be house and dog sitting for him. He has no shame he canÕt keep his saggy balls in his own pants. He has asian fantasies but will go all around the world to see which next woman he can fool around and lead them on. Once you fall in love with him heÕll turn the other cheek and find someone immediately even his own best friends who are females that heÕs known for years he will also try to take advantage with. Be careful when you see this man ladies (and gentlemanÉ he can swing both ways). HeÕs a pig.

April 28th, 2018 by
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