Sarah Ellen KincaidofRitchie of Winchester Kentucky

Sarah Ellen KincaidofRitchie of Winchester Kentucky for being a cheater! After a brief split of me and my husband this woman (Sarah) who he works with decided to ÒcomfortÓ him while he was sad. When me and my husband were working things out and minutes before we were about to make love I found her number in his phone. I then contacted her and told her I was his wife of 10 years and that we had a family and I wanted to know if he had been seeing her. She then told me yes and she wasnt going to stop seeing him. 3 months later I find out shes sleeping with him unprotected and all from the first time they slept together. I told her prior to knowing they were having sex that he was married had a family and were going through some tough times but she didnt care. She spreads those legs all day long. Well she got dumped my family is back together but let this be a lesson you whore. Dont mess with married men and especially ones that have a family and much less ones you work with. She quit right after he dumped her. Then after that she decided to text him weeks later to see how he was doingÉBig mistake lady.

April 14th, 2018 by
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