Sarah Kish Miller of Bath Pennsylvania

Sarah Kish Miller of Bath Pennsylvania for being a cheater! This is Sarah Kish Miller she is married with 3 kids. I am married with two kids and my son and her son were the best of friends. They planyed football and wrestled together. My husband had a work related injury which prevented him from driving so when I needed help with transportation Sarah was always WILLING to help out. I also travel for work and couldnÕt be home to get my son and husband where they needed to go. But again Sarah was always there to help! I bought her a birthday present and partied at her house with our kidsÉthinking we were making a new friendship with the MillerÕs. Until one night when I was out of town and my son and husband were at the MillerÕs pretty late my husband realized he had to let the dogs out. So again Sarah drove my husband home. While she waited inside MY house while my husband took the dogs out..she was plotting. He came in from outside and she attacked him sexully. He of course did not resist. They had sex in MY bed with my kids pictures on my night stand. What kind of mother comes into another motherÕs home where she raises her kids and f___Õs her husband. A PIG I tell you. This continued on at MY house for some time. Until one night I caught him and viewed his cell phone bills. I confronted him and he told me everything. Each time they were together he said he was drunk and was truly sorry for the pain he caused our family. We are dealing with our marriage and family privately as we have been married for 14 years. However our friendship with the MillerÕs is long gone. She continues to share the same circle of friends however we choose to stay away. They probably think IÕm a snob but they just donÕt know the truth. I donÕt know how she can show her face around but I donÕt want to look at it. Oh! no one knew this before but hopefully everyone will know now what kind of PIG Sarah Kish Miller really is. Her husband and I are friendly as we were the innocent ones along with all the kids. I feel sorry for her three kids that she chose sex over taking care of her own issues marriage and kids. She isnÕt happy with her life so donÕt let her fool you like she did me!

April 29th, 2018 by
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