Shoshana Hahn and David Warren of Rochester Minnesota

Shoshana Hahn and David Warren of Rochester Minnesota for being a cheater! David Warren started cheating on me with Shoshana Hahn while I was away trying to sell my late grandmotherÕs home. His friend Andy Pretasky and his girlfriend Rachelle are shacked up so they introduced her to RachelleÕs sister Shoshana. While away I begged Dave not to cheat and break up his family and home as he knows it now. I also sent her a message to please have some decency but they continued. They even took my daughter out to eat and movie with them and had her sleep over there with them while lying to my other children. David Shoshana Andy and Rachelle are telling everyone horrible things about me to make themselves look o.k. and poking fun at me in public. They are around town and even meet up at my kidÕs events. They have only known each other a few weeks but show no concern for the 4 kids involved. She is married as well and her and Dave have both decided to file papers on their spouses together. Here is her picture with her husband (this one is not mine). She lives in Rochester but comes up on the weekends to La Crosse WI. Stay clear ladies she clearly has no morals.

April 16th, 2018 by
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