Silvia (White) Gamez of Dallas Texas

Silvia (White) Gamez of Dallas Texas for being a cheater! This happened in Õ08 but this site wasnÕt available then. I want to warn all the ladies who have husbands in the construction company where she works. She works as a project assistant and assists with other things other than work. She gives a sob story about her wrecked marriage blaming her ex husband for abuse. Then she moves in for the kill. Rubbing his leg under the table at meetings using her fingers on his hand when she hands him things. Of course itÕs usually the OLDER men (mid life crisis) ones that she goes forÉ.they have a little more money bigger paycheck. Mine was a 20 year marriage. I had gotten a job after raising our children and my husband hated my job. I was gone 3-4 days a week. So she started telling him that I was probably cheating on him. I am SURE it was flattering to have the attention of a girl almost half your age. He was foolish. I found out by our cell phone bill which had 450 texts in 3 weeks time. I also found a letter from her telling my husband to just Òwalk awayÓ from our marriage so that SHE could give him everything he ever wanted. This was about a 3-4 week little fling until I found out and told him not to come back home. Then suddenly she became the enemy. She sent texts to me telling me how my husband liked to f*** her. Any nasty thing she could come up with. And she ÒlovedÓ himÉ.after 3 weeks. LOL He dumped her like the pond scum that she is. We had couseling for a long time and I can honestly say that our marriage is stronger/better than it was before the slut. Of course during their little roll in the sack she had to have a tacky little butterfly ring which I noticed on her FB that she still shows off. This woman has no shame. We found out later that she had tried this with a other one of their co-workers. Fortunately that man was a good man and told his wife. So this is a warning to all the ladies who have husbands who work with her. Keep your eyes and ears open. DonÕt trust her. She uses her ÒreligionÓ to make them feel comfortable talking to her. She is a gold digging whore beware. And btw my husband was a selfish asshole for allowing it to happen.

April 25th, 2018 by
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