Sonja Linton Cooksey of Dallas, Texas

Check this out. Meet Sonja Linton Cooksey aka Sonia Mason who hails from Biloxi but currently resides outside of Dallas, TX. We just learned that this little piggy is aiding and defending a criminal who was arrested last year for indecent exposure at a movie theater when an undercover officer on duty caught the perp in the act. Her precious little pet got off with a probation and according to the state of Texas Law, the defendant has up to two convictions before a court judge can enforce a mandate for the defendant to register as sex offender. YET, after the fact, Sonja continues to glorify him in all of his sexual antics on facebook live post. Even allows him to post on live his dried up sperm he ejaculated in a dixie cup that he kept in the freezer to share with members on their facebook page. JUST SICKENING! Not to mention, she had been banned from several pages on social media. So they created their own social page for the deaf called ASL Live. We are starting to think she may be a indecent exposure sympathizer. Sonja chose to turn the other cheek with no regard for her own and anyone’s safety. A true poison to the deaf community. How does she sleep at night? DISGUSTING!

May 29th, 2018 by
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