Stephanie McNally, Lisle, Illinois

This has been going on for months. She works as a personal trainer at LifeTime fitness in Romeoville. She has no friends and no life. We heard from many people that she has broken up relationships and marriages before and to watch out for if she gets the slightest hint she will go after your man with all she’s got and she did. He gave her hope and she went for it. I warned her and threatened over and over again but she never got the hint so I am done playing nice and done making empty threats. You DO NOT go after a married man. That is just not right. Hope she goes to hell for this. Hope Karma hits her harder than this post. She deserves nothing, this has gotten out of hand. My husband is not leaving me for you. Just STOP and move on and find some one else, some one who is single, not taken. What is wrong with people like this. The world needs to know about this. Yes pictures make her look nice and innocent but up close she is one butterface. She is one cruel heartless bitc- who deserves to be ten feet under. You make my life a living hell, I will do every thing in my powers to make yours one as well! You started this, just remember that.

June 14th, 2017 by
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