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Angie O. Ayala of Los Angeles California for being a cheater! This girl is the definition of daddy issues. She is a single mother at 18 and has a shitty personality that mopes and post depressing fuckery online 24/7 in the hopes of people feeling bad for her. This disgusting skank sent pictures of her deflated boobs to my now ex boyfriend in the hopes of getting his attention and probably to find a daddy for her pathetic kid and to support herself. She doesnÕt have a job and relies on opening her legs to strange men in the hopes of buying diapers for her son and things for herself instead of acting like the adult she claims to be. Men stay far away from this slut. She will pity you with her sob story of her life and than lure you in with nudes and sexual advantages. Not only did she lie when I questioned her she blocked me after I sent her screenshots showing her I already knew what she did. Hoes will be hoes though. I wouldnÕt be surprised if anyone who had the misfortune of sleeping with her next caught something from her dirty ass. Be aware! unless your into sluts that look like raccoonÕs.

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