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Bijaya Karki of Lexington Kentucky for being a cheater! My boyfriend of almost 2 years at the time met this woman while he was working she was a temporary employee. He was nice to her as he is everyone and she started falling in love with him. He schmoozed her with flattery IÕm guessing it started because he has an ego that he loves to have stroked and we were having a rough patch due to his ego and me having a rough time with changes in my career. To my knowledge all they did was kiss and share intimate conversations. Both were in the wrong. She is married with 3 children and a husband. Her marriage is in tact and he has no idea she cheated on him. He would sneak over to her apt while no one was home other than her. I have black and white proof of the cheating in the form of text messages. He would sneak and take her home from work while he asked me to pick up his children or babysit them.; After he tried to shut it down without me knowing yet of the situation ( I found out after the fact and went thru the texts and emails) She kept messaging and calling himÉ..stating her love for himÉ..but that she didnÕt want to get him in trouble. When I found out I went off the chainÉ.I asked him to either end ALL communication with her or get out of my home. He lived with me. He tried to deny the relationship it had gone on from late summer into late November. I showed him a portion of my proof. This woman is no sweet and innocent person. She not only cheated on her husband but also her small children (all under 8). This relationship they had has caused a lot of arguments and hurt. I do not trust him fully although he cut all ties with her and made the choice to work on our relationship. I struggle with the decision as to whether to show her husband the messages so that he knows who she really is as well.

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