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Matthew joseph frazier jr. (Born 12/01/1989.)

Matthew decided to lose his family due to the fact he decided to cheat in a parking lot. I dont fault the girl because she knew nothing of me and his 3 year old kid. Matthew uses women because he has some serious deep rooted mommy issuses so he doesnt know how to treat a real women with respect. He probably has had so many females in the home i decided to share with him. He has had an std in the last 5 years ive delt with him luckly i didnt contract it. He lives off women and he has Nothing to offer. He is the biggest liar and scum of the earth ass nigga ive ever had contact with nothing good will come to him . He stole his 3 year olds backpack when he was getting thrown out of my place because hes a disrespectful piece of shit! hes extremely abusive ( look him up you will see for yourself he should of been doing at least 20 years but lied to me so i would get the charges dropped. He a fucked up person he will leave you with broken promises and high ass bills that he doesnt feel like he should contriube in any kind of way. He would rather see his child that he has never been there for missed the birth because the street life and whores were more important than his child was In the streets because he is! BEWARE OF THIS COUCH SURFER LADIES!!!!!!!

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