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Johnna Renee Davenport Linthicum of Eclectic Alabama for being a cheater! Johnna is a cold hearted snake in the grass. This psycho pursued a relationship with her superior in the Air Force knowing good well he was married with a child not to mention she was also married to a man name Cody with two boys of own. This woman went into the military to pursue this relationship with blantant disregard for her own marriage and to the other family involved . She eventually ended up pregnant by Harrison Linthicum who is now in jail due to drug charges and fraternization. Johnna escaped the fraternization charge because she got out the Air Force then married Harrison while pulling the wool over her ex husbandÕs eyes. Johnna did not care because she got pregnant by Harrison before she even divorced her ex. LetÕs give Johnna the biggest He Haw award for being cold hearted sneaky snake.

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