Tanya Larcher, Surgeon Falls, Canada

This has been going on way back for about 3 years. This woman Tanya Larcher was presented as just a friend, but caused so much drama in a couples family life. All the proof is all there in writen conversations and dirty pictures between this woman and the other man who had a family. Also drug buddies from cocaine the pills, There are writen text massages between drug dealer and the man even telling them how good it is and that it is Tin approved. Ohh she has also been charged for being cought in a drug bust with drugs on her, lost her job and this was all in the papers. The list goes on so much info and connections also we have all screen shots of there conversations to prove and what this man has also on his phone from many more explicit pictures to text messages, its all in the privet messages but too much to go all into. This man is know an addict finds excusess that he can not see his kids because he has no money but has all the money for drugs and will find way to travel hours for a piece of a*s. Sad part is it all started because this woman. thanks to you Tanya Larcher her helping destroy a childs family and father and helping him hide his addiction but its know all in the open.

April 9th, 2018 by
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