This guy..

Ladies beware. This guy is on Facebook as Marcelo Damasceno (Real surname Sousa.) He helped to destroy a seven year relationship last August (2017). The weekend before the fecal matter flew into the fan, he was over at my house as a friend playing cards. The very next weekend he convinced my ex fiance to have a make-out session in his car and leave me.
I was a stay-at-home father of a special needs child. Our son was only three and a half years old at this time he is autistic. I was only a stay-at-home father do to the job market in my area being Slack and only because she suggested it. I wake up. Saturday morning to find her acting strange and when I finally call her out on it she admitted to the make-out session and forced me out of the house and into a family members.
She and I have made peace with the whole situation and as of today I would not have even reported the whole incident. That was until she came back to spend time with our son before work with tears in her eyes.
2 months into the relationship he got her pregnant, she’s due in June. While nothing happened to the baby – he did everything in his power to keep the relationship Secret. He told his family she was just a friend from work and he kept another thing Secret.. His case of herpes. She is now a carrier thanks to him. And she is living with her mother and brother.
This guy needs to be exposed, and have caution tape slapped on him whenever he goes in public. He does not care about the sanctity of a long-term relationship let alone a marriage. And on top of that, he has one of the gifts that keep on giving. And he has a Santa Claus complex.
Edit: He may no longer have a Facebook page. He lives in Belle Haven, VA and is a supervisor at Perdue Farms in Accomac.

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