Tiffany Coldsmith Dahm of Shippensburg Pennsylvania

Tiffany Coldsmith Dahm of Shippensburg Pennsylvania for being a cheater! After almost 8 years and 2 little children together this slut came along and thought she had a right to message my ex nude pictures and very very provocative sexts. Are you kidding me?! Yeah he was at fault as well and he is paying for his transgressionsÉ there was another girl this was going on with as well named Tandynn Ashley. Tiffany knew about me and the kids she didnÕt care. After some research and social media stalking I have learned she is an all around ho-bag! SheÕll take any attention she can get (cause yeah she is hideous in my opinion) from whoever will give it. Her sexts and pictures were pathetic. As is she.

September 17th, 2017 by
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