Tony Anarumo aka Anthony Gallo, Pasadena MD

Please be warned about this backstabbing liar and cheater. This chainsmoking pig goes from zero to insane on a daily basis telling tall tales about everyone who has wronged him. He takes advantage of abused and insecure women and will sleep with any women including fat trashy bar hag slobs without getting tested or using protection. He lives in a disgustingly dirty hoarder house, obsessively watches porn and tries to recreate it with his small penis. What a joke. He is evil, dangerous and mentally ill so be careful what you tell him. He will use it against you and try to manipulate you. He likes you one minute then will try to humiliate you and degrade you the next. He blames everyone else for his messed up life, money problems and his interpersonal problems. He relives and brings up every past relationship constantly and has nothing nice to say about anyone. He will take advantage of you then chew you up and spit you out. Signs are present of manic depression, bpd and severe mental illness. Plus daily alcohol and substance abuse. Don’t let this narcissistic asshole near you. Run the other way.

May 29th, 2018 by
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