Tracie Leigh Adams of Marina California

Tracie Leigh Adams of Marina California for being a cheater! This woman has two kids by two different men that left her so she tries finding love from married men. My good friend Bee Bee has been married 15 years to her husband Eric. This thot has secretly been sleeping with BeeÕs husband off and on for over 10 years. SheÕs even flaunted their affair on FB up until BeeÕs husband makes her take them down . My friend Bee has been so stressed upon finding out about the affair that sheÕs ended up in the hospital after suffering a stroke. She had a mutual friend that knows BeeÕs husband that she had a sexual relationship with. Evidently he felt it necessary to pass her over to BeeÕs husband and they began sleeping with each other. Bee has spoken to her many times as she always knew they were married. Bee found out later that she was once pregnant for her husband but miscarried. This slut is still communicating with BeeÕs husband even though he promised Bee that he didnÕt want to lose her and he would end things once and for all. He treats her like trash. She is planning her divorce.

May 1st, 2018 by
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