Tricia Williams of Massillon Ohio

Tricia Williams of Massillon Ohio for being a cheater! Two years ago my husband was caught cheating on me. not like a typical man when he was confronted he confessed hoping to salvage our marrige. I respected him for numerous reasons. He explained to me that we grew apart over the past few years after our daughter was born. He said he felt lonley all we did was work and tend to the baby. After a while it becomes routine. He would often go bowling on Saturday nights with his friends; well thatÕs where he ran into Tricia. She as well would bowl occasionally on SaturdayÕs whith her friends. A simple conversation turned into weekly run ins at the alley exchanging numbers and after 2 months it lead to an affair. This affair lasted six months before He was caught. I woke up to a crying toddler and heard his phone going off. It was Tricia saying she needed him it was important and she loves him. I was furious hurtembarrassed and felt disgusted. I woke him immediately and demanded an answer. As I said He did not deny it. He said he felt wanted again and she made him feel needed. He showed true remorse and guilt while I cried he said he would never contact her again. I asked him why her? Why not come home and talk to me and fix things. ThatÕs when he said Tricia was a recovering herion user. He felt obligated to help her stay clean; one thing lead to another and he said it just happened. At that point I was so crushed to think we worked so hard for the life we had the life we built for our daughter and he destroyed it. We went to consoling twice a week to try and salvage what was left of our marriage in that time Tricia was calling him texting him begging him to leave me. Her exact words wereÓ the stupid cunt knows we had sex she knows we are in love she needs to let goÓ. After catching 2 text messages I packed my daughters and My things and we left. I was granted a divorce very quickly by summit county he moved in with Tricia and he started using heroin. I was told they shared needels because they are hard to come by. Three weeks ago he showed up at our door and informed me he Tricia gave him a Òbad batchÓ of heroin And it put him in the hospital. The blood work they took tested positive for HIV.he was scared and tried to stay I immediately demand He leave. He told me Tricia drained his accounts and left before he was released. I havnt seen or heard from my ex husband since. IÕm posting this not for sympathy but for awareness. If you see this girl or get involved with her you need to know the truth.

April 20th, 2018 by
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