WG (Waeel) AlJohmani Stellini Kaffe Denmark

He is married but claims he is single. Is active on every homepage for singles where he is looking for very young girls to have s*x with. He works as a coffee roaster for Stellini Kaffe and is traveling between Copenhagen, where he has a harem of young muslimas all convinced, he is single and looking for a wife. His wife lives in Odense. Twice his age and was just used so he could get residence in a non Arab-country. He beats her up and calls her the ugliest names. Every time he needs money, he comes crawling back to her. He is always online, looking for new victims he can use and abuse. He claims that he does not have any children – liar – he has at least 4. But refuses any contact. Find him on Facebook WG Aljohmani, Instagram WaelJoh and Twitter WG25_1 He is the biggest cheater and liar in the world.

April 7th, 2018 by
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